Michael Black

Michael Black is an international roots reggae performing and recording artists from Jamaica. Michael has always had a love for music. In true Rasta words Michael says “I was born to be a singer, God put me here to teach the world about love”.

Michael Black is currently in the studio writing and recording his next CD which will be released in 2019. He is performing and touring throughout the United States and Europe at shows, concerts and festivals promoting his hits and his upcoming works.


Organic Neo

The emerging genre is a hidden gem. With its group of studio musicians, producers and engineers they have created the most explosive and spontaneous sounds. Its political bass, its conscious horns, spontaneous drums, and on the spot guitar, combine to make an organic new genre, it is as pure as it gets. Nothing is premeditated when it comes to Organic Neo; the only rule for the genre is freedom.


Nature Makonnen

Nature Makonnen, hailing from Guyana, South America, is a Rastaman first and foremost. His love for music stems from NYABINGHI word sound, which he refers to as "heart beat music". He feels that it is vital to speak words of upliftment and artists should.


Jogi Cain

Combining the creativity of both engineer and artist is seamlessly executed everyday by Jaylen “Jogi Cain” Bague. Having started his career orchestrating beats and producing behind the scenes, he’s now moved to the forefront with his debut single, “Down, Down, Down”. Jogi Cain a mixture of his childhood nickname and his middle name (Cain), is a moniker first given to him by his uncle Joe, who introduced him to music engineering. Having a lifelong love for hip hop and being inspired by Kanye West’s “All falls down” Jaylen began his music journey by expressing that sentiment with each beat he’s produced.



The cherimoya, the heart shaped fruit, is shaped like the motto Pappageorge lives by, love. With a head like a lion, his dreadlocks have been with him for about 22 years. They represent authenticity, letting go of the material things, rebellion and pureness. They started sprouting back in the late 80’s early 90’s when Las Vegas was congested with a “gangster mentality”. When it comes to music, though, he got into it when he was 14 years old and started out with punk. He is originally from Las Vegas but has travelled to different places, all places his music has taken him to. Pappageorge is the producer at Angel Play Records, but he gets his feet wet nonetheless and song-writes, performs, and markets for the record label. Even though reggae has been with him the longest, he also works avidly with jungle and drum and bass. In terms of what good music is, it’s all in “consciousness and positive word power, I like that complex stuff.”